Monday, January 24, 2011

Gratzzi Italian Grille - downtown St Petersburg, FL

Gratzzi Italian Grille is without a doubt the top place for Italian food in downtown St Pete. For a couple of months I walked by and eagerly awaited the opening of the restaurant to see what it would bring. My family and I had dined there when they were located at Baywalk and had enjoyed the food, but didn't much care for the location. After what seemed like a long wait, Gratzzi finally opened at their new location, and we were wowed! The restaurant is elegant and just the place to gather with family or for a romantic meal. You have a choice of dining at the tables inside or out on the sidewalk, or at the beautiful bar inside. We first dined at Gratzzi the week of their soft opening when they had a limited menu, and we have been back several times, since then.

Once seated, the service was quick and friendly. My husband enjoyed a nice glass of red wine and water for me, and soon a basket of bread arrived along with a plate of bruschetta, which is standard. Following that, we tried the bean soup that was served along with the entree, or one can choose the salad instead. The soup was great and surprisingly large as an accompaniment to the main course. For dinner, my husband and I both ordered the same thing, the Pesto-Parmesan Risotto with grilled salmon on top. My son ordered the Roasted Salmon on Cedar Plank served with Mango Chutney and grilled asparagus. Both of the dishes were wonderful and the risotto was served with a generous portion of salmon. After all of that, there was no room left for dessert.

We have ordered food to take home from there for the last month, while I have been out, and have been really impressed. The pizza there is awesome. When my parents came to visit me from Minnesota, we sent them there to have an evening out, and they were also happy with their meal. We are very happy to have this addition to St Pete.

211 2nd Street South
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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Friday, January 21, 2011

OUT Sick...........

I have not posted anything, since December, because I have been out sick. I have to say, so far, 2011 has not been good for me. I spent 3 days in the hospital, and I am recovering verrrry slowly at home, but the doctors are just kinda guessing what's wrong, but they don't really know anything definitive. Flu Virus acting weird? GERD? autoimmune(your body cant't tell a flu or cold virus from your own body)? I am fortunate to have good health insurance, but even with that, I see what a mess the healthcare systems is and I don't know what the answer is. I can't imagine what people without health insurance do?

However, I do need to take my hat off to the nurses and patient care techs in our clinics and hospitals because I think they are the backbone of our system. When I see the amount of work they have to do, it amazes me. As for the doctors, I am reserving judgement. I started out with one doctor who diagnosed me in her office from her chair, without once getting up and at least listening to my heart of looking in my ears or sinuses. I think my current doctor is very good, but I am waiting an reserving judgement.

I will continue to write about restaurants and I have some posts waiting since December. (I have been too sick to go out the last few weeks.) However, I think this year, I would like to focus on healthcare and my experiences and I maybe would like to explore alternative medicine. Also, something I have been pondering, do we have too much information available to us about different illnesses and healthcare. Knowledge is power, but sometimes you can have too much information.