Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Salt Rock Grill-Indian Shores, FL

After seeing many users reviews using the Salt Rock Grill as a reference point to compare the seafood they had tried at other restaurants, I decided I had to see what all the fuss was about. A long drive over Gulf Drive, and we arrived at our destination. There is more than ample parking to self-park, or you can use the complimentary valet parking. When walking up to the front door, the restaurant appears big, but when you step inside, one gets more of an idea how huge the place is and it was very packed the Wednesday evening that we were there. In addition, they have a huge outdoor patio overlooking the water, which is where we decided to dine. Our server was quick to bring us our menus and take our drink orders. Looking over the regular menu and the menu for the night, I quickly noticed a couple of mahi mahi entrees, one in particular, that sounded by description to be interesting, so I was ready with my order.

Alas, the mahi mahi was not to be. Although it was only 6:30 pm, our server informed us they were out of the mahi mahi. Oh well, disappointing, but I went ahead and chose the grilled salmon. I love salmon, but it sounded rather boring, after I had my mind set on the other dish. For our other dishes, we ordered the roasted seabass, and the cedar planked salmon with french fries. For an appetizer we had the calamari with a very yummy Thai chile citrus sauce for dipping. The evening weather was gorgeous and it was lovely to enjoy our drinks, appetizers, and salad, while overlooking the water.

Now, on to the entrees, or about 10 minutes before we received our entrees. We had been there almost an hour enjoying drinks, appetizers, and such, when a party of eight was seated next to us. They had a different server than us, who gave them a menu and told them that the mahi mahi was getting low. What, surely this must be some mistake! Well, they ordered the mahi mahi when she came back for their order and I was sure she was going to come back and tell them that she is sorry, but she made a mistake and they were out of mahi mahi. So, on to our entrees. All of the fish dishes were done excellently, but the favorite was definitely the the roasted sea bass topped with crab. They definitely know how to do fish and do it well. Now, cut back to the table next to us. Their mahi mahi did arrive, much to my surprise. When, we asked our server about this he just said I am sorry. He said he asked his manager and the manager told him the mahi mahi was out. I thought this was very strange to say the least. I am not sure where the mistake lay, the manager or the server? I did feel that our server was rather lackluster compared to some of the servers working around us at other tables, so I don't know.

Anyway, despite the mahi mahi fiasco, I would definitely go back because the seafood was really good there. The only thing I would mention is that this is a huge place, so if you are looking for a cozy and intimate place, you won't find that here, but you will find good food, so keep those things in mind.

19325 Gulf Boulevard
Indian Shores, FL 33785

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Mr. Bill said...

Thanks for your comment....heading to Gulfport for the 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

So glad that mahi mahi is even a choice for you, Kelly! Happy eating, Wendy

Kelly said...

@ Mr. Bill - Have a fun 4th of July, Mr. Bill!

@Wendy, Thanks Wendy! Although things like steak and some other old favorites elude me, I am very grateful to be enjoying fish. (I refer my readers to my earlier postings regarding my health.)