Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fray's Donuts - Northeast St Petersburg, FL

Having a hankering for donuts one rainy morning, I headed over to Fray's Donuts in Northeast St Petersburg. Fray's is an old fashioned sort of place with quaint stools at the counter. The donuts are what really drew my attention, though. Although there was a selection of muffins along with the donuts, I went with a traditional pick of donuts. I ordered a chocolate honey dipped, a sour cream donut, and my favorite, powdered sugar. All three tasted delicious, but my favorite was the powdered sugar. It had a great taste and powdered sugar was dropping everywhere, so it was messy, just how it should be. Along with the donuts, I had a plain old cup of joe with cream and it hit the spot just right. This is a great place to get a donut fix.

5236 16th St North
St Petersburg, FL 33703

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Michelle from Tarpon Springs said...

Frays apple fritters are RIDICULOUS!!! If you like that sort of thing anyway :)