Friday, June 22, 2012

Timpano Chophouse and Martini Bar - Hyde Park, FL

We needed a place to duck into to escape from the rain, and Timpano's being the closest,  that is where we ended up.  The place was packed and live piano music was being performed in one corner.  We were seated at one of the patio tables, which was a lovely spot to watch the rain and sip a drink.  My thing lately has been Cosmo's, so that was what I ordered and it was perfect.  We ordered a lovely prawn appetizer that came to the table sizzling in its pan with melted butter to dip it in.  The prawn had a delicious smokey taste and was perfect.  Soon the rain stopped and our drinks and appetizers were finished and we were able to continue on our way.  Next time we won't need to use the rain as an excuse to stop at Timpano's.

Timpano Chophouse
1610 West Swann Avenue
Tampa, FL  33606

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