Thursday, June 6, 2013

Witches BBQ Den - downtown Saint Petersburg, FL

The Witches BBQ Den just opened in April, but I have been back many times to try out the menu.  Obviously, repeat visits mean I love it.  So far, I have tried the dry rubbed and smoked chicken wings that come three to an order.  Those three wings are HUGE, and I am usually full after two, but this is all according to appetite.  I have also tried the cheddar jalepeño grits, and I like those so much that I always get an order.  On my most recent visit, I tried the blackened shrimp that comes as five large shrimp served on top of the grits and the smoked salmon dip.  Both were delicious and perfect with a cold brew.  And before I could even finish this blog post, I got a chance to taste the pulled chicken, and like everything here, it is delicious!

After telling you about the food, let me tell you about the place and why you should visit.  The Witches BBQ is owned by Brett Andress, the same owner of The Ale and the Witch.  Brett gives back to the community and I think his employees are among some of the most satisfied employees I have ever met with.  Both businesses are in the same courtyard, only the Ale and the Witch is downstairs, while the Witches BBQ is located upstairs.  The Ale and the Witch has a huge selection of American craft beer, with changes to the lineup everyday.  They also serve some gluten free beer.  If you don't fancy beer, there is some wine on the menu.  For those who don't drink alcohol, or for the kids, they serve craft ginger ale and root beer and a couple of green tea choices.  Grab your drinks and your food from upstairs and the courtyard is the perfect place to relax.  If you are a live music lover, they have music going on every night of the week.  Bring the kids or the pooches along because this is a good, clean environment where  everyone is welcome!

Witches BBQ Den
111 2nd Avenue NE, Suite 209
Saint Petersburg, FL  33701

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Pyra-Danny said...

WooHoo... I went here when it first opened and was so crazed to find a good priced, not so hoity-toity, comfort food type of place in Downtown. You're definitely right, this place is just gonna get that courtyard even more packed. I love it!