Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tampa Bay Brewing - Ybor City, FL

With the number of local breweries opening around the Tampa Bay area, I have been trying a number of places that make or host our local beers.  One that I was very happy to try was Tampa Bay Brewing in Ybor city.  It is apparently a very popular place, because we stopped in on a weeknight and it was bursting at the seams with people.  It seemed like a very happy crowd and everyone appeared to be having fun.  We were seated at a very large booth, and a server was promptly there to describe some of their beers and answer any questions we might have about them.  I decided to go with a weizen beer because I have not yet learned to acquire a taste for overly hoppy beers that seems to fit the the flavor profile of a lot of craft beers.  The weizen was a very good choice and I happily sipped away.  I did sneak a taste of my son's root beer that they make there and I thought it was very good for those of you out there who enjoy a good root beer.

I am happy to say the food here was very good and the beer is not the only star of the show.  I tried the
Brew House Cheese Burger, the fish and chips, and the shepard's pie.  Everything was very good, especially the shepherd's pie, which is always a favorite of mine.  Even though the servings were huge and ample for sharing, I couldn't resist trying the Deep Dish Apple Crisp, which is another favorite of mine.  I am glad I didn't pass that up because it was delicious!  I would recommend this as a stop if visiting Ybor City to experience some local brews and fun.

Tampa Bay Brewing
1600 East 8th Avenue
Ybor City, FL  33605
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