Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seasons 52 - Tampa, FL

I think I have mentioned on my blog before that I don't usually like to blog about national chain restaurants, and I believe on my some 90 plus posts that this will be my second post about a national chain restaurant. I love supporting local businesses, and that is still my philosophy. However, once in awhile a chain can catch my interest, and when a friend suggested we dine there, I jumped at the chance. Seasons 52 it supposed to inspire healthy, but delicious eating. If you look on the menu when you dine there, I think no item is supposed to be over 475 calories and desserts are served in shot sized glasses, rather than large portions.

We were seated rather quickly with our party of friends, and give an explanation of Season 52's concept of seasonally inspired food with new specials every week. We took a look at the wine menu which featured a number of wines by the glass from around the world. After ordering our drinks, we decided to start with one of the flatbreads with tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, and Parmesan cheese. My son and I decide to order the organic Salmon(just as an FYI, I researched about organic salmon later on, and I found out there is really no such thing as organic salmon. That is a whole other story though). My husband chose the Penne Pasta with vegetables and lemon basil sauce. This is originally the Tiger shrimp penne pasta, but Seasons 52 is able to accommodate vegetarians, which is nice to know. The pasta turned out to be quite nice. As for the salmon, it was quite delicious and served with asparagus and carrots, both of which I always like. My favorite part of the meal was dessert with the mini indulgences. The chocolate peanut butter mousse was my favorite, but the cheesecake with mango was quite good, also.

The only thing that was annoying about the whole experience was that the restaurant was quite loud. It was very hard to hear each other talk, and I think however the space was built, it contributed to that noise level. It was a beautiful space, but too noisy. I would still rather support local business, but it was fun option to try with tasty, healthful food on the menu. If anyone has suggestions for local restaurants that support using products from local farms, I would love to hear from you.

Seasons 52

204 North Westshore Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609

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