Saturday, December 10, 2011

Burger 21 - Tampa(Westchase), FL

After observing that Burger 21 has been the talk of the town forever, I decided it was time to pay a visit. When I first arrived there, I had a bit of a let down because I didn't realize that it was barely removed from being a fast food joint and it is part of a franchise with another location in Carrollwood. Instead of being seated, you place your order at the cash register and you are given a number that you insert into a placeholder, then your food is brought to you. I didn't let it faze me too much, though. We ordered our food, paid, and then grabbed a spot at the stools at the counter. While waiting for our food, I went to grab some ketchup. If you want something other than the usual to cover your sandwich with or dip your fries in, they had ordinary ketchup, mango ketchup, chipotle mayo, a spicy ketchup, among others.

The first thing to arrive was our chocolate shake and root beer float that we watched them make, while sitting at the counter. They were yummy and just the right thing to go along with our burgers. The next thing to come out were our basket of fries. They were good, but not the greatest and although we skipped the small and medium fries and ordered the basket, I thought it was rather small. One thing I wasn't happy about was that they brought the fries out to us before our burgers were done, so that by the time our burgers arrived, our fries were just about gone. For burgers, we tried "The Cheesy Burger," with cheddar cheese, minus the vegetables. The other burger we tried was "The Shroom," which was covered in crimini mushrooms, fontina cheese, and garlic butter. Both of the burgers were delicious and I loved the soft and toasted brioche bun that they were both served on. Both burgers were cooked as ordered and they were juicy and just awesome. A great burger alternative to mainstream fast food.

9664 West Linebaugh Avenue
Tampa, FL 33626

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