Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bella Brava has a New Chef, yayyyyyyyyy!

I was so excited when I heard my favorite chef, Domenica Macchia, was going to be the new chef at Bella Brava. My family and I went to Bella Brava this last Saturday, knowing that she was joining Bella Brava, but not sure if she would be there that evening. I am happy to say that she was and she looked real excited about it to boot. It was the outgoing chef's last night, but Domenica had a few feature items on the menu. We tried her fig caprese salad with a reduction sauce that that was divine and the organic tomatoes that came with it actually tasted like tomatoes. Most of the time I am scared to order salads or dishes with fresh tomatoes because they usually taste like mush, but this was not the case at Bella Brava. For the main course, we tried the gnocchi in a gorgonzola sauce that Domenica had made that very same day. The gnocchi were light and exactly what a gnocchi should be, while the sauce that was served with it was pure comfort food and delicious with the glass of Chianti I had ordered. Now we are anxiously awaiting as Domenica adds her touch to the menu and look forward to the changes she will make to it. For those of you who watch Food Network, she said think Malto Mario. She wants to emphasize rustic food or food like an Italian family would make. I know we will be waiting with knife and fork ready.

Bella Brava
515 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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