Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Europe continued......Milan

After a somewhat lengthy interval, I will continue my rambles about Europe. After finishing up in Geneva, we took a 4-hour train ride south again, and arrived in Milan. We spent one day and night in Milan and my sole desire was to visit the Duomo di Milano or the Milan Cathedral. This is a great example of Gothic architecture and is the fourth largest church in the world. For us, it was an awesome sight to behold and it dominates the square. As usual, when you visit any major tourist sight, you will find it surrounded by tons of tourists restaurants and shops, which aren't always the best in terms of food, but great in terms of the view. Because we wanted to sit down and enjoy the view of the Duomo and watch the people passing by in the square, we picked at table at one such spot. After, some pizza and beer, we were ready to move on.

The other main sight to see in Milan is right next door to the Duomo and that is the Galleria Vittorio. This is a upscale shopping spot built in the late 1800's and its beauty can be found by looking overhead at its arching glass and cast iron roof. The floors of the Galleria are beautiful also, and worth a picture or two. From the Galleria Vittorio, we just walked along to see what we could see and along the way we enjoyed some gelato, which one can never have too much of, and then we headed back to our hotel for dinner in the area.

It was nice to enjoy the evening sitting at a sidewalk table and watching the street life. As I think I may have mentioned before, in Europe it is not unusual to see people sitting at restaurants late at night, even on weekdays and we found this a very relaxing to just sit and have a table for the evening. In the morning, off to Rome..........

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