Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paddy Burkes - St Petersburg, FL

I was happy to see the opening of newcomer Paddy Burkes Irish Pub to St Pete. I have already been there a couple of times with my family and it is a nice place to grab a pint and unwind. They offer a nice menu selection and a decent choice of beers on tap.

On both of our visits we have had the onion rings and we love the horseradish and tomato sauce that comes with them. The burgers there are good and they have some interesting options for your burger, and I thought the Belfast Burger with a fried egg on top was especially good. If I am at an Irish pub, I do tend to like to try the more typical Irish fare. The Irish stew was delicious and I loved the leek scones that were served with it, although the stew was so filling that I hardly needed the scones alongside. Also, depending on your appetite, you can order a small or large stew. I ordered a small stew, and even with some help from others, I was not able to finish it all.

One thing I did miss out on one of my visits was the shepard's pie. They don't have it on their menu, but as I was eating my stew, I heard another server listing it as the special of the night. As, I mentioned in an earlier post, I love shepard's pie, so I was sorry to miss it that night, even though I really enjoyed my stew. So, moral of the story is remember to ask your server for the specials of the night, if they forget to tell you. I look forward to enjoying more of Paddy Burkes.

Paddy Burkes Irish Pub

100 4th Street South
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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