Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brunch at Savannah's Cafe- St Pete, FL

My family and I had an amazing brunch at Savannah's this last weekend. With cool weather finally here, Savannah's was the perfect spot to have that cozy brunch. Our waiter started us off with a nice, hot coffee while we looked over the menu. I am happy to say that they serve Kahwa Coffee here, because I just love that coffee.

Between us, we ordered a hamburger, the Low Country Omelet, and the Brioche French Toast. First, the hamburger was good and juicy and everything that a burger should be. The Low Country omelet was delicious and covered in a spicy crab and shrimp gravy and served with a biscuit that was light and airy. Finally, there was the Brioche French toast that was great with maple syrup and pecans.

Again, this was a nice relaxing place to have brunch and the service was very good.

Savannah's Cafe
1113 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33705

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