Monday, October 5, 2009

Parkshore Grill - St Petersburg, FL

I have been to the Parkshore Grill in St Pete a few times for dinner or for drinks and appetizers. My family and I generally like to grab a sidewalk table. There you will find a pleasant view of the water, or if it is evening the trees in the park across the road are prettily lit up with blue lights.

My favorite thing about the menu here is the simplicity of the food. For dinner, we have tried the roasted chicken with sun dried tomatoes which I thought went lovely with a glass of white wine. A few times we have gone there for appetizers and we love the butter poached garlic shrimp. Make sure you get some bread to go along with the shrimp because the butter and garlic sauce along with the red chili is great for dipping your bread. The jumbo lump blue crab cakes are good and the tomato jam they serve with the crab cakes are delicious. For dessert, we love the creme brulee, which is a favorite of my husband and I. Anywhere we see creme brulee on the menu, we will invariably order it.

Finally, I notice there are a number of comments regarding service at Parkshore Grill. It would be nice to see a few more smiles or more cheer. Overall, my experience there has been positive and I will still keep going back, but a smile will make a good place seem even better. Cheers!

Parkshore Grill
300 Beach Drive NE, #104
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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