Friday, December 4, 2009

Nola Cafe and News Stand - St Petersburg, FL

Just new to Beach Drive in St Pete, is the Nola Cafe and News Stand. This is the second location for Nola, which has its first store in Tampa. My family and I were just walking by and wanted to take a peek inside. However, it ended up being more than a peek when we were met at the door and invited inside to take a look at the menu, which serves up New Orleans style food. Once we saw beignets on the menu, there was no way we were leaving. For those of you not familiar with the New Orleans treat of beignets, they are a like a pillow-shaped donut that is always served fresh out of the hot oil and sprinkled very liberally, and then some, with powdered sugar. The beignets at Nola's were light and fluffy and went great with a cup of traditional Cafe Au Lait, made with half chicory coffee and half hot milk. This looks to me to be a new favorite morning treat to have at Nola's!

Nola Cafe and News Stand
(The website above is for the Tampa location, but it duplicates the menu at St Pete)
300 Beach Drive
St Petersburg, FL

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Gwen said...

We went to NOLA mid morning on a Sunday and were surprised at how bad all the food was and the coffee we ordered. If you're expecting beignets, don't. Ours were raw in the middle, and our second order was over done and heavy. The coffee tasted like it sat in a pot for ours, and there was no alligator meat inside the small breakfast burrito. The wait staff seemed confused, the manager grumpy, and a cook in the back was arguing. I usually give the benefit of the doubt at new places, but this experience was so poor, I can't see how NOLA Cafe will be able to stay open for another year. What a disappointment...

Kelly said...


I am so sorry that you had a bad experience there. I have been back to Nola with my family half a dozen times since it first opened and we have always had a very positive experience. Especially with the beignets which are always light, fluffy, and steaming hot. We have also enjoyed the breakfast egg sandwich at Nola, which we order vegetarian. We have brought friends there for beignets, and they have enjoyed Nola's and are ready to go back.

Hopefully, that was just a one time experience. For any restaurant or cafe, I have try to use a personal three strike policy. I have been to places where I have had a bad experience the first time, and then I try them a second and third time and it is a whole different story. Thank you for sharing your experience and I hope that you give them another try and have a much better experience.