Friday, December 4, 2009

Tre Amici @ the Bunker - Tampa, FL

Yay, I had the great experience of finding another great wine/espresso bar, and again this was something my family found in our quest to listen to some of the wonderfully talented singers that we have here locally in the Tampa Bay area. On this particular occasion we had the opportunity to hear Vanessa Brown, Steve Vaclavik, and Bob Forrest. I have to say, they all put on an excellent music show and that everyone who showed up at the Bunker had a great time!

Now for the location itself. It is just two blocks off the main action in Ybor, and yet it is a nice quiet spot. Huge windows overlook the street, and it looks quite cozy if you walk by the windows and look in at night. Inside, there are cozy tables for two, or some larger couches and tables to gather around with a party of friends. I really liked the black and white photography on the walls. Also, their is a neat piece of artwork hanging over the counter where you order that shouldn't be missed. If you like, there is a bar to sit at.

For drinks, one can order wine, espresso, tea, and soda, etc. I had a cappuccino that I really liked, and even better was their lemon-ginger tea. Also, we ordered some of their sandwiches, which were all very good. My favorite sandwich turned out to be the one that my husband ordered, The Pianta. This was a vegetarian sandwich with avocados, sun-dried tomato pesto, olives, and swiss cheese on cuban bread and toasted. For myself, I ordered the Avery sandwich, which had smoked turkey, greens, cucumbers, and cream cheese on cuban bread and this was all very yummy. Also delicious was the roast beef sandwich. All these were served with a choice of chips or fruit salad. If you have room for dessert, or you need something along with your coffee, we tried the lemon raspberry bars and the oreo bars which were very decadent and hard to share, they were so good.

Tre Amici at the Bunker is a very lovely place and I can't wait to go back. Every Thursday night they have live music, so it is worth checking out their schedule on their website. They love to support local talent and any local talent that wants exposure and is interested in playing should stop by and check it out, too.

Tre Amici@the Bunker
1907 19th Street North
Tampa, FL 33605

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