Saturday, July 2, 2011

French Broad Chocolate Lounge - Asheville, NC

The word chocolate is in the name, need I say more? If you live in Asheville, or are visiting Asheville, this is a must place to stop. Located around the corner from a bunch of other restaurants, French Broad Chocolate is easy to miss, unless you are looking for it. Inside, the scent of chocolate is a feast for the senses, along with the chocolate, chocolate desserts, and other sweet concoctions that fill the the display cases. There is constantly a line, but it thankfully moves quickly. Place your order and they will give you a card to take to your table so they know where to bring your order. While the place is small and intimate, there are plenty of comfy spots to sit.

They serve wine and beer, along with coffee drinks and others, but a glass of wine was in order. We had to try the liquid truffles, which is a ganache-based, hot sipping chocolate. There are several flavors of this and we decided to try the pure dark. This is very rich and decadent and a little goes along way. Along with this we tried the lavender creme brulee and a blackberry trifle. They used a torch on the spot to make the crunchy top for the creme brulee and it was everything a creme brulee should be. The blackberry trifle was heaven with a hint of lemon in the mascarpone cream and I did not leave a bite behind, as it was so good. This is a must stop spot for a sweet fix.

10 South Lexington
Asheville, NC 28801

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