Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Snoballs - Treasure Island, FL

One very, very hot day, my family and I went to Beach Snoballs to see how they were different from ordinary snow cones. I had heard all about them and how they served New Orleans style snoballs, and how they were softer than ordinary snow cones, but I couldn't really understand it, until I tried it. So, we found ourselves standing outside Beach Snoballs order window, and a huge sign of flavors before us. One flavor that popped out at me was shark's blood, but I moved on to other flavors. Finally, I opted for mango and ice cream flavors, with a bit of New Orleans cream on top. From the window, I watched as the machine shaved the ice from the ice block into the cup. Next, the two flavors were added. Finally, a bit of New Orleans cream, otherwise known as condensed milk, was drizzled on top. That was one yummy treat, and the New Orleans cream added a nice richness to the flavor, but it would be just as delicious without the cream. So, how were snoballs compared to a regular snow cone? I rather thought they were a step above snow cones because the shaved ice was super soft versus the ice chips that are in snow cones. I look forward to coming back and trying different flavors.

10927 Gulf Blvd
Treasure Island, FL 33706

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