Monday, July 18, 2011

Larry's Olde Fashioned Ice Cream - St Pete Beach

In the mood for ice cream or gelato? My family and I sure were one hot and sunny afternoon, so we made the trek over to Larry's. After walking in the door, I realized I had too many choices before me in the ice cream and gelato cases, not to mention the soft serve ice cream. Before I began to panic, I spied baked goods on the counter in the form of pies and cake. Ah, apple pie was before me, and that threw my confusion out the door. Give me apple pie warmed up with vanilla ice cream on top and I am in heaven. I guess the rest of us were feeling one too many choices before us, because it was a traditional soft serve vanilla and chocolate twist in a homemade waffle cone for the rest of the party. Yes, the waffle cones are made there and if you grab a table inside to enjoy your ice cream you can watch them as they make the waffle cones right there on the spot, and they smell good, too. What a delightful place to grab a cold and sweet treat!

Larry's Olde Fashioned Ice Cream
6595 Gulf Blvd
St Pete Beach, FL 33706

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