Monday, August 1, 2011

Over Easy Cafe - Asheville, NC

While in Asheville, I had fabulous breakfasts everywhere I ate, but my absolute favorite breakfast spot during our brief stay was at the Over Easy Cafe. This is a small cafe, with not too many tables inside, and it looks like it is always filled with customers. However small, it is very cozy and the service there is very friendly and it just had a great vibe.

Now, why was this my favorite breakfast spot? It was the pancakes! I absolutely adore pancakes in all forms, whether it is basic, dressed up with fruit, and the endless list goes on. Here, I fell in love with the classic hot cakes. There was something about them with their golden tender crust on the outside and the fluffy interior that was just perfect for soaking up the maple syrup that was served along with them. They were my idea of pancake perfection and I shall forever compare all pancakes to them. Okay, I guess that is enough pancake drama for everyone. The croissant sandwich was very delicious and the dijonaise complemented this lovely egg sandwich. I enjoyed the breakfast potatoes served with the sandwich. Oh, if only I lived closer, this would be a regular spot of mine.

32 Broad Street
Asheville, NC

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