Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Primos Restaurant and Lounge - Miami, FL

On a recent stay in downtown Miami, my family and I headed out to find someplace near our hotel where we could eat. Our hotel was surrounded by lots of other hotels, so we figured we would venture away from them to find something decent to eat. Making our way through different hotel lobbies to get out of the neighborhood, we passed Primos, which was located in the hotel lobby of Doubletree. I always have this thought that nothing good comes from eating at restaurants that are in hotels, so with that in mind, we passed it by. Well after walking around the area around the hotels for awhile, we found NOTHING. So, we decided to head back to Primos, because we were hopeful that being Italian food, it at least couldn't be that bad. I am so glad there wan't anything else nearby, or we would have missed a gem. Primos itself is a relaxing environment where you can grab a table or a seat at the bar, although we opted for a table.

First, we ordered some white and red wine from their wines by the glass selection. I have to say both wines were nice, which I can't say happens a lot when ordering by the glass. Our server told us about the specials of the day and then we looked over the menu. We opted to try pure comfort food, so we ordered a spaghetti bolgnaise, and a meaty lasagna and both came with a salad. Both dished were out of this world. If you are watching your waistline, these are probably not for you, but they were so delicious. That was a truly enjoyable experience!

(lobby of Doubletree Grand Hotel on Biscayne Bay)
1717 North Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL 33132

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