Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twisted Cork Grille - St Petersburg, FL

Craving a burger in a bad way, yet wanting to try something new, my search led me to the Twisted Cork Grille in St Petersburg. I had read a lot of reviews about the Twisted Cork Grille and their great burgers and food. The reviews also prepared me for the appearance of the restaurant, which is attached to a rather old motel. From the description of others, I got the idea that if I can get past the outside, everything changes for the better, once you walk in the door. Those descriptions were pretty much spot on. While the inside is not fancy, it is cozy and and I forgot all about the outside of the restaurant. We were told to grab a table wherever we liked, so we found a suitable spot. After we gave our drink order, we took a minute to look over the menu.

As I already knew I wanted a burger, it was a pretty easy decision for me. I ordered a Twisted Cork Burger with cheddar cheese, which is their basic burger. The burger comes with fries and a pickle. After a short wait, my burger was served. This was a yummy and juicy burger and satisfied my burger craving and I loved the ciabatta bread that it was served with instead of a regular bun. On their board, they offered blackberry cobbler served with ice cream as their dessert of the day, so I just had to try that. I love blackberries and cobbler, so that was a winning combination with vanilla ice cream melting over the warm cobbler. I left the Twisted Cork happy and very full.

3405 34th Street North
St Petersburg, FL 33713

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