Monday, June 22, 2009

Datz Delicatessen and Foodie's Market - Tampa, FL

First off, I am going to say that I will go back to this place again and again. I went there on a Friday night to hear Emily Roff and Julie Black sing. Emily sang the first half of the evening and Julie sang the second half. About their singing, all I can say is.... wow! Datz deli was buzzing. What is Datz? Deli, wine bar, or restaurant? It kinda combines all those things into one. There is a cool loft upstairs and downstairs there are a few tables and a small corner set aside for singers. One side of the store is set aside for take away deli items, rustic looking breads, and delicious desserts. They have a case of international beers and microbrews, so you can build your own six pack.

When I was there that night with my family, we ordered a burger, a reuben, and a beef brisket sandwich with green chili's. All of the sandwiches come with sweet-n-salty potato chips with a blue cheese drizzle. The blue cheese drizzle lifted the potato chips to a new height that we all absolutely loved. All of the sandwiches were pure and good comfort food. Next time I want to try the wine because they had a nice selection of wined from around the world. Also, I want to try the cheese flights and the bread there looked very good. Oh, I almost forgot. For dessert, we had the sachertorte. A sachertorte is a chocolate cake with liquer, a thin glaze of almond preserves, and a chocolate ganache over the cake. This cake is very good, and don't forget to ask for whipped cream on the side, just the way they serve it in Austria.

The service was very good here, and the management comes around consistently to see how all the guests are doing. Also, there is no rush to give up your table and head out the door. We observed that people who were there stayed for a long time and there was a huge demand for a table up until about 10 o'clock because this place seems to be very popular. After that, it started to quiet down a bit. This was really a fun place with great music. You can check out their music calendar and menu online.

Datz Delicatessen
2616 S Macdill Ave
Tampa, FL 33629-7220

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