Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jolli Mon's Grill - Dunedin, FL

On Sunday, my family and I braved the heat to hear local singer Jayne Kelli and friends play at Jolli Mon's in Dunedin. I say brave the heat because it was a late afternoon performance done outside and we all know sweltering Florida can get this time of year. Jayne Kelli gave a wonderful performance and I think she deserves extra points for performing in that heat.

This was my first time at Jolli Mon's and I have to say I enjoyed my time there. It was Sangria Sunday, so I opted to go with that and it was a perfect drink for the weather. We started with the tortilla chips and homemade chipotle salsa which was nice and chunky and smoky tasting. For entrees, my husband ordered the grouper reuben and I ordered the fish tacos. I liked the fish tacos, but I have to say I loved the grouper reuben that my husband ordered. Altogether, it was good food and service. Also, I like the fact that they seem to keep a full musical calendar throughout much of the month.

Jolli Mon's Grill
941 Huntley Avenue
Dunedin, FL

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