Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Running in Florida is........Hot

Having lived in Florida for a combined total of almost 8 years, I am still not accustomed to the summer heat. Without fail, every year it takes me by surprise. I am always so sure that it was definitely not that hot last summer. However, yes it was. From about the middle of June to the middle of October, I find those four months very difficult. It wasn't so bad until I took up running almost five years ago. Prior to that, I thought it was okay as long as you move real slowwwwww. But, then I took up running.

During the summer months, I brave the outdoors for my run about once a week, but the rest of the time I stick to the treadmill. Oh, I know, it is rather boring and it is not quite the same workout. Sometimes, I try to start my run on the treadmill and finish outside. It's always interesting because sweat doesn't really evaporate too much in the hot season because Florida is so humid. And there is no relief, such as a cold front moving in. Not gonna happen. I have to applaud those runners who run outside in Florida year round. Me, I can't wait until October comes around. What do you do for your runs in the summer???

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Joy said...

Talk about the heat! I know!! I don't know how anyone can run outside in Florida during the summers...or even just to BE outside! Guess the summers are when treadmills comes in real handy...