Monday, January 2, 2012

White Horse Pub - Sarasota, FL

The White Horse Pub is a lovely British Pub located in a strip mall in Sarasota, Florida. Don't let the strip mall deter you from visiting, because once inside it has the cozy feel that one likes in a British pub. We were there for the live guitar music performed by Duende; if you want to learn more about this awesome group, find out about it here. The White Horse is a sprawling restaurant with a small room where live music is performed, a separate bar area, another room with tables and chairs, and a pool table area. We grabbed a table with friends at one of the high topped bar tables, so we could see into the music room. We ordered a couple of British beers to get into the pub mood, and then checked out the menu. They offered meaty pasties, as well as vegetarian pasties, so we decided to go in that direction and found the pasties to be very good. Also delicious were the fries and onion rings. This was an awesome place and one that you want to visit again and again and bring your friends along!

White Horse Pub
6240 North Lockwood Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34243

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