Friday, January 13, 2012

Wine Exchange - Hyde Park(Tampa), FL

A beautiful, crisp January evening, and it seemed like the perfect time to head over to Tampa and try the Wine Exchange Restaurant. Approaching the restaurant at night, it was beautiful to look in at, with the huge windows throwing light onto the sidewalk outside. Inside, the first thing I noticed was the wine racks and a tiny bit of space giving a nod to the Gasparilla Pirate and tons of bead necklaces. After that, I gave my appreciation to the beautiful bar backed with a lot of mirrors and a back wall hung with funky abstract art. There was a choice of dining outside on the enclosed patio, or inside. We decided to dine inside as we really liked the vibe surrounding the bar.

First, to the wine menu, where you can buy by the glass or bottle. The white and red wines by the glass are ranged from light to rich and bold. I am going to say this straight out that they do an excellent job of choosing the wines they serve by the glass. We tried two different whites and three different reds, between us, and every single one of them were good. Usually, wines by the glass can be hit and miss, but not so here, which was great for us. For food, we started with the lobster cakes served with a mango aioli and I have to say I would go back for them alone, so I would recommend them as a must try. After that, we tried the special of the night, which was a New York Strip pepper steak served with mashed potatoes and broccoli. Also, I ordered the spinach ravioli off the regular menu, to which I added salmon. Both choices were very good, but I still had my mind on that delicious lobster cake. My son ordered a basic cheese pizza, which was not one of their pizza choices, but they were very accommodating and able to make that for him, which made him a happy camper. To round out the meal, for dessert we tried the Chocolate Bomb, which was a cake topped with a layer of chocolate and white mousse and covered in a chocolate shell. Also, we tried the baklava cheesecake. Both were excellent. Finally, I have to give a hats off to the service there, which was very attentive without being overbearing and made for a pleasant dining experience. In summary, great wine, food, and service!
1609 Snow Avenue
Tampa, FL 33606

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