Sunday, May 24, 2009

Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, MN

This is for all intents and purposes a fun post. Why? Well because if I am talking about Matt's Bar then I must be talking about the famous Jucy Lucy. And no, I did not accidentally misspell Jucy Lucy. Matt's Bar claims that "if it is spelled correctly you are in the wrong place." Yes, there is a long going feud in the Twin Cities as to who actually created the Jucy Lucy and if you want to know more about it, read here. I am not taking sides in the feud, but I just happened to try the Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar first, and I have found no reason to ruin a good thing.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Jucy Lucy, it is basically two beef patties slapped together with a piece of cheese in the middle. The burger is grilled and when you first bite into the Jucy Lucy, molten cheese comes squirting out. Yes, it is hot enough to burn you. However you do receive a warning when the food is brought to your table. The best thing to do when eating your Jucy Lucy is to break a piece of your patty off first to let off some of the steam so you do not get severely burned. Of course, it is always more fun to live dangerously. Order a huge basket of fries and a draft of Grain Belt, and you are set.

Okay, now for Matt's Bar, which is basically a hole in the wall. This is a good thing and it adds to its appeal. You will see all sorts when you go here from students, business men, housewives, and the average guy. No matter the socioeconomic level, people of the Twin Cities love their Jucy Lucy. There is not much on their menu and you will see it all on a board on the wall or a single sheet of paper at your table. This is because the Jucy Lucy is the star of the show. There is no kitchen at Matt's bar, but there is a grill and fry basket behind the bar that is constantly manned by one busy cook. When you get your Jucy Lucy, it is pure heaven. If you are in Minneapolis for only a day or two, go to Matt's Bar just so you can say you had a Jucy Lucy.

Matt's Bar
3500 Cedar Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55407

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