Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purple Moon Inc - Dunedin, FL

This is a MUST see place if you live anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. I went there on a Friday evening to hear Rebekah Pulley sing and I found so much more. First off, the place is purple and it is not too hard to miss a purple house when driving around in downtown Dunedin. This is a house converted into a business. Inside there is a gallery plus a few tables for enjoying coffee, drinks, or a light meal. In the gallery you can buy jewelry, art, soap, books, etc. The patio outside is where you will find most of the tables and an area at the front of the patio for the singer. The whole place has an eclectic feel and just a great vibe all around.

When we arrived, we grabbed a picnic table at the back because it was already packed. Fortunately, some other people left and we were able to get a table up front near the singer. When ordering, you just go up to the window and place your order. You will get your drinks right then and somebody will most likely bring your food out, but sometimes they call people up to the window. My husband and I had a glass of the cabernet and we tried the three cheese grilled sandwiches. This sandwiches come with chips and a pickle. For a pleasant change from other places, the tomatoes on the grilled cheese tasted like real tomatoes. Not fancy fare, but simple and delicious. For dessert, we ordered the chocolate fudge cake which was yummy beyond words. Later on, we ordered cappuccino which was fantastic. The food, along with the atmosphere, made for a very delightful evening.

I must say the service was very good and the ladies working that night came around to the guests often to make sure they were enjoying everything. Almost everyone that was there that night stayed until the end of the show. And you won't hear me say this often, but check out their bathroom, really cool. Like I said, even if you don't live in the neighborhood, I think it is worth a drive to check this place out.

Purple Moon Inc
833 Douglas Ave
Dunedin, FL 34698

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