Friday, May 29, 2009

Paciugo - St Petersburg, FL

With the days starting to really heat up in Florida, there is more than one reason to make a stop at Paciugo for gelato. For those of you not yet familiar with gelato, it is basically the Italian version of ice cream. From my understanding of gelato, it has less butterfat than traditional ice cream and when it is served it is in a semi-frozen state versus a hard freeze, thus it is softer. I experienced my first taste of gelato in Italy and I have been hooked ever since that time, so you can imagine how happy I was to find Paciugo.

Paciugo is the closest I have been able to come to my gelateria experience in Italy. It is an inviting spot located on Beach Drive in dowtown St Petersburg. People walking in are drawn immediately to the gelato case with all of its variety of color and flavors. There are milk based gelatos as well as water based gelatos. Start with a small cup and select up to three different flavors or you can get five flavors in a cup. If you are not sure what to try you can sample some of the flavors before choosing. I am not going to even start naming my favorites because they are all declicious. When eating gelato, there is really no way you can go wrong.

Another thing to know is that Paciugo is not just for gelato. They also offer pastries and they make a really good capuccino, so it is a good place to stop in the morning. Paciugo also offers freezer packs for those who want to take gelato home with them, if you think it can make it that far......

300 Beach Dr
Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

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