Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Moon Under Water - St Petersburg, FL

In the mood for a pint this past Memorial Day weekend, my family and I headed over to The Moon Under Water in downtown St Petersburg. We have been coming to this restaurant for a number of years and we appreciated the fact that it was open on Monday, when a lot of other places were closed that day in downtown. It is located on Beach Drive, not far from the water. If you time your visit for the right time of day, after your meal you can head over to the water and watch the dolphins as they come in near shore.

My husband and I opted to have a pint of the Carlsberg Beer along with our lunch. This is a light and refreshing beer to drink when the days start getting hotter. For lunch, I had a half order of the Thai Chicken Salad with a sweet vinaigrette. This was a real flavorful salad with the lightly spiced chicken and the sweet Thai vinaigrette was delicious. My husband order the blackened chicken sandwich and fries, which I also got to try. I enjoyed the sandwich and fries and thought that was a good menu choice.

As far as seating goes, we opted for a shaded sidewalk table. However, with the days getting hotter, go for more shade and a spot on the porch if you can get it. The inside is nice if you want that English pub feel. As far as some of the other food goes, in the past we have had some of the curry dishes because that spicy food goes really well with a pint and the rice that comes with the curry is really good. And of course, I love the English pasty, which is a turnover with ground beef and vegetables and mashed potatoes and gravy come with this meal. The service is good here and you will see a lot of tourists eating here as well as a lot of locals. Give it a try!

The Moon Under Water
332 Beach Dr NE
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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