Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Il Panificio - Sarasota, FL

This is a great place to stop in and have a slice of pizza, or a whole pie is even better! After an interesting morning at the Ringling museum, my son and I were ready for lunch. We wanted to do something easy, so we opted for easy dining at Il Panificio. This is a market/bakery/deli, and it makes you hungry the minute you walk in the door. I headed straight for the display cases that housed the pizza and bakery items. I decided to go for a slice of the mushroom and cheese, while my son went for a slice of the cheese pizza. While waiting for our slices, we went over to the coolers full of soda and made our drink selection. It was nice to see that they offered a number of sodas that you don't usually see in the grocery stores.

After a short wait, we got our slices and grabbed a stool at one of the bar tables that are situated inside. There is outside seating, but the end of June in Florida is not my favorite time of year to sit outside. The pizza was delicious with a thin crust and just the right amount of tomato sauce. One slice is more than filling, but it is so good that you just might want to have a second. I don't make it over to Sarasota often enough, but this is a good place to stop when you want good pizza, without the fuss. Also, it is a cool place with the brick walls, old photos, and a hodge podge of market items for sale throughout the market.

Il Panificio
1703 Main Street
Sarasota, FL 34236

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