Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jo-Jo's Citta - downtown St Petersburg, FL

After dinner at The Garden, my husband and I wanted to have another glass of wine and to try some dessert, so we headed across the street to Jo-Jo's Citta. Jo-Jo's is not fancy, but casual Italian, and a good, solid place to have comfort food and not break the wallet. It had just rained, and was rather nice outside, being June in Florida, so we grabbed a table outside on the sidewalk. The waiter was quick to bring us the menu, and didn't bat an eye when we said we were just there for wine and dessert, I am happy to say.

We ordered a glass of chianti and the chocolate mousse cake and one canolli. I do not think you can ever go wrong when ordering chocolate cake and canolli for dessert, and Jo-Jo's was no exception. The desserts were decadent and a perfect end to our evening!

Jo-Jo's Citta
1 Progress Plaza
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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