Monday, November 1, 2010

Campus Grind Coffee Bar - USF Campus St Petersburg, FL

Right on the USF campus at St Pete and sharing a roof with the Tavern, is the relatively new Campus Grind Coffee Bar. In the need of a pick me up, my son and I stopped in to enjoy some refreshments and do a bit of writing. The offer hot and cold tea and coffee along with some other drinks. We looked in the bakery display case and we both thought the cinnamon rolls looked like just the thing to try, and as a bonus, they even heat them up for you. I decide to go for a regular coffee. They serve Kahwa coffee here, which I love. My son ordered a hot apricot green tea. My son and I sat at one of many tables and enjoyed our delicious, hot rolls and drinks. The place is relaxing and has a good student vibe conducive to studying. I saw students sitting with their laptops, studying, or chatting with friends. Their is an open door between the Campus Grind and the Tavern and apparently, they must freely share the space because I saw students bringing beers into the coffee side of the building, although I did not confirm this information. This is a great spot off the beaten path of downtown St Pete.

Campus Grind Coffee Bar
120 6th Avenue South
St Petersburg, FL

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