Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Square One Burgers - Tampa, FL

OH MY! I was in burger heaven tonight. A traffic jam led us on a self-chosen detour to this place and it was a very happy turn of events. The tall red cornerstone of the Square One Burger restaurant calls your name. Inside the restaurant is a colorful scene with red walls, red booths, and dark wooden tables, and strings of light. We were promptly seated at one of the tables along the back overlooking the whole restaurant from kitchen to bar.

I am going to devote my only complaint of the evening to this paragraph and I hope management is reading this because this is something that needs to be worked on, in an otherwise perfect establishment. While soft drinks for our son came out fast, getting adult beverages was a slow and tedious process and we were drinking bottled beers, so I am not sure what the hold up was tonight. Our server took our drink order for our beers and she continually went up to the bar and looked at the bartender and even checked in one of the coolers, but no beer. After a long wait, our beers arrived. Again, we later ordered a second round of drinks when our food arrived. We were almost done with our food when our drinks arrived. Our server kept apologizing that our drink was not ready yet, and obviously they are not allowed to grab the beers themselves, due to the proper procedural chain. I am sure there is a reason management does it this way, but a person should not need to wait until their food is almost gone to get a bottle of beer.

Okay, enough of the negative stuff because despite what I wrote above, this was a great place. If you get a chance try the Orange Blossom beer made with orange blossom honey which was very good and I loved the honey taste. For starters, we ordered a half dozen of the "Frickin Hot Sweet Chili Chicken Wings." They were awesome and tasted like something cooked in a smoker. I would go back for the wings alone. Among the three of us, we ordered three different burgers and we all tried a bit of each. We ordered the All-American Squared(double patties), the Old Fashioned Burger, and 3-Mushroom Cheeseburger. For sides, we tried the fries and the fried jalepenos, which were good. All of the burger were juicy and had great flavor. My favorite was the 3-Mushroom with Gruyere Cheese. You can choose your burger from the burger list, or build your own burger with a dizzying assortment of choices. If you like the more exotic, they make ostrich burgers, kobe beef burgers, and a Shashimi Tuna Steak burger. The food was prompt, when it arrived in the kitchen windows, it was immediately brought out to the table. Definitely, a must try burger joint, with a more upscale edge, great food, and one I would not hesitate to pay a visit to again.

Square One Burgers

3701 North Henderson Road
Tampa, FL 33609

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