Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dome Grill - downtown St. Petersburg, FL

I heard the Dome restaurant is almost like an institution in downtown St. Pete, so I had to go check it out. We enjoyed waking up late on a Sunday, and then took a nice leisurely walk over to the Dome. It is located right on Central Avenue and is nothing remarkable to look at from the outside, but more interesting on the inside. Sports memorabilia was lined up on some portions of the walls, and green was definitely the accent color here. I especially like the boxing belt located up by the counter. When you come in, grab a menu and place your order at the counter and you pay for you food at the same time. The cashier will give you a receipt with your number and you can grab a table and wait for you number to be called. Before grabbing a table, take your cup and pour your coffee, soda, or whatever you ordered. There is seating inside or outside. We opted to dine inside.

It was about a ten minute wait for our food, which was reasonable. For breakfast, we ordered the veggie omelette, with toast and grits on the side. Also, we ordered pancakes and a burger and fries. (Yes, one of us likes breakfast for lunch.) Don't forget to pick up any of your condiments you need upfront, so that you don't need to be running back and forth, while eating. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and a nice place for all ages.

Dome Grill
561 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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