Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Nook - Bradenton, FL

Even though I haven't lived in Bradenton for a couple of years, my family and I still like to head over there every so often. One weekend, we made the trip over for a late breakfast. We were on the way to one of our old breakfast haunts, when passing through Palmetto, we spied a restaurant in a converted old house called The Nook. Leaving our old spot for another time, we stopped in at The Nook. This is a spacious place with plenty of tables spread throughout the lower floor of the house. The space was wide open, so we were able to pick a table of our choice.

With our coffee in front of us, we looked over the menu pondering our choices. We ordered a veggie omelette with grits and raisin toast, an egg and cheese croissant sandwich, and chocolate chip pancakes. All around, the food was very good. I especially appreciated the raisin bread as one of the toast choices, and the chocolate chip pancakes were awesome. It was a very pleasant dining experience.

The Nook
337 8th Avenue West
Palmetto, FL 34221

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