Friday, July 9, 2010

Gourmet Pizza Company - Tampa, FL

Always on the look out for the ultimate pizza, my family and I stopped in at the Gourmet Pizza Company. This is a cute little place in Hyde park. A large portion of the establishment is devoted to the kitchen, which you can see when you step up to the counter to place your order. One of the things that impressed me was the large number of toppings and sauces there were to chose from. Some of the more unique toppings that I haven't seen before were: escargot, crushed peanuts, sweet corn, red cabbage, crawfish tails, and guava marmalade.

As usual, we like our pizzas to be pretty basic. We ordered one five cheese pizza, and one pizza margherita. After grabbing some beers and a soda, we paid and sat at one of the tables. Again, this is a cozy spot, and it wasn't a long wait for the pizza. We enjoyed the pizza and decided that it was good, but not exceptional. However, taste when it comes to pizza is very subjective and it may very well be a pizza favorite of another person, when giving it a try. A top mark that Gourmet Pizza gets is for offering a gluten free crust option. If you are sensitive or allergic to gluten, this is a great chance to stop by and ask them about it and see what you think. Not all of the crusts are gluten free, so make sure to ask before ordering. Definitely stop in and give the Gourmet Pizza Company a try.

Gourmet Pizza Company
610 South Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33609

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