Saturday, July 24, 2010

O'Bricks Irish Pub and Martini Bar - Bradenton, FL

We were in our old neighborhood, so we decided to stop in to check out O'Brick's Irish Pub and Martini Bar. When we used to live in Bradenton, O'Brick's used to be the former home of the Kangaroo Pub. Since then, the Kangaroo Pub has moved across the street and O'Brick's moved in and totally remodeled the whole place. O'Brick's was very nicely remodeled and I loved what they did with the place. The new bar is great, with comfortable stools just the right height to comfortably sit at the bar.

It was happy hour at, so well drinks and wine by the glass were half price, which was a real bargain. For martini drinkers, they have quite a decent martini menu. We ordered a pint of Boddington's right off, and then took a quick peak at the menu. My only disappointment was the menu at O'Bricks. I knew they served food, so I was expecting Irish pub grub, but that was not to be. Instead, the menu is from Fav's next door which serves Italian food. I like Fav's and I have ate there frequently in the past, but I didn't realize that would be the menu at O'Bricks. However, we were hungry, so we ordered a cheese pizza off the menu. The order is placed over the phone by the server, and the food is brought over from Fav's once it is done. Good pizza, but again not really what I was expecting. However, we still had a good time and like I said, the new remodeling job is beautiful and creates a nice atmosphere to sit down and enjoy a pint.

O'Bricks Irish Pub and Martini Bar
427 Old Main Street
Bradenton, FL 34205

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CurrentUser said...

Lots of improvements since this blog was written. They cook their own menu now and it is greatly inspired by stylings that were served at the owners other eatery now closed, Mangrove Grill.