Monday, July 19, 2010

Lighthouse Doughnuts - Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Urbanspoon Tampa Bay led me to this yummy little spot. If you go to the home page of Urbanspoon Tampa Bay, there is a list of the top ten Best Cheap Eats. Lighthouse Doughnuts is on the list. After reading all of the positive reviews, I just had to check it out. I also followed some of the tips that people had in their reviews. The first one was to arrive early because they can run out of some of the doughnuts as the morning goes on. The second thing that seemed to be prevalent was that the apple fritters are a must try. Third, reviewers seemed to like the key lime filled doughnuts.

With all of the above in mind, my family and I headed over to Indian Rocks beach early on a Saturday morning. We arrived early, and even then, the place was hopping. The drive-thru was busy and there was a line inside. However, things moved pretty fast. Soon, it was our turn. We ordered a dozen, so that we could try a bit of everything. (No, we did not eat it all, but tasted it all :) We were surprised to see that they offered espresso drinks. We ordered a cappuccino and an americano. I am not going to say it was the best espresso drink I had, but it was okay. Now, my take on the doughnuts. A few bites of the apple fritter were good for me, after that I felt like it might be too rich for me. I loved the key lime filled doughnuts with the graham cracker topping and felt that if I had stopped with them, the whole trip would have been worth it. My favorite doughnuts are plain old cake doughnuts and glazed, raised doughnuts and I thought they were very tasty here. A coconut topped doughnut was yummy, and my son loved his chocolate frosted chocolate doughnut.

Lighthouse Doughnuts is a very simple establishment with a drive-thru, a few tables inside, and a few tables outside on a patio. The star of the show is the doughnuts and that was yummy enough for me. I am happy to say that this post marks my 100th post on Urbanspoon Tampa Bay! I have some of my favorites that I frequent regularly, but my family and have enjoy dining trying the number of great establishments that we have here in Tampa Bay. I look forward to the next 100!

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