Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crepes at L'Olivier Bistro in St Petersburg, Florida

When one thinks crepes, one thinks France. If I had not seen an ad for L'Olivier Bistro in St Pete, I would have never known that such heavenly crepes could be found in St. Pete. L'Olivier is located in the plaza off 2nd Ave NE, in St Pete, between Baywalk and the Pier. It is not noticeable, until one goes up the stairs and into the plaza. Once in the courtyard of the plaza, one sees the charming L'Olivier with its romantic outdoor seating and its rather charming interior with all the feel of a french bistro. The day I was there, I sampled the La Provencale crepe, a chicken and cream sauce based crepe, and Crepes Lasagna. The favorite all around was the chicken and cream sauce based crepe, however the other two dishes were equally appreciated. The Crepes Lasagna used crepes instead of noodles, and was delicious with its layers of beef and cheese. Along with the meal, we enjoyed a delightful french Vouvray, Chateau de Valmer, a white wine. The server was very polite and attentive as we selected our dishes and wine. It was delightful to watch and listen to a black and white french music performance playing on the tv. To finish the meal, we had a Crepe Suzette and a crepe with nutella. The favorite desert was the crepe with nutella, but then chocolate is always a good finale. When we dined at L'Olivier, we went for lunch, but its appearance lends itself to creating a romantic setting for an evening with that special someone.
111 2nd Avenue NE
Downtown St Petersburg, Florida


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Anonymous said...

Great time, try the blue cheese with apples and walnuts if you are a blue cheese is AMAZING. I am enjoying your restaurant reviews!

Kelly said...

Thanks for reading my blog! I really love the feedback and to hear what other people are trying. I will definitely try the blue cheese and I have also had my eye on the seafood crepe. It will be fun to work my way down the menu.:)