Monday, April 27, 2009

Roman Gardens Ristorante - St Petersburg, FL

I like to make a point of getting out and finding local restaurants to enjoy my food. I think it is important to support local business and I am very happy when I find a good one. The most recent one I discovered and dined at was the Roman Gardens Ristorante. This restaurant was located on Central Avenue in the Grand Central District of St Petersburg. As one might guess by the name, they serve Italian cuisine. You can dine outside on the sidewalk tables or, as we did this day, grab a booth or table inside. The decor is cheerful and Italian themed. If you like, you can enjoy a beer or wine for lunch. They have only a couple of choices for beer or wine, but the selection that they do have is thoughful and will do nicely for your dining experience. For lunch we ordered a cheese pizza with chopped basil on top, beef lasagna, and penne with tomatos, basil, and red pepper flakes. We all loved our food, however, the penne was spicy and very hot. This is not a negative on the penne, which we loved, but a warning for anyone who may like their penne a little less spicy. The lasagna was great and the pizza had a crisp crust and lots of gooey cheese, just the way we like it! Along with the food, the service was attentive and the chef even came out to see if we enjoyed our food. This is definitely another one we will return to dine at in the future.

Roman Gardens Ristorante
2642 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL

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