Friday, April 10, 2009

Globe Coffee Coffee Lounge in St Petersburg

When one walks through the door of Globe Coffee Lounge in downtown St Petersburg, it feels like being transported back to the seventies. There is an eclectic mix of mismatched table, chairs, and flowered sofas that bring to mind the way houses were decorated back in the 70's. It's even fun ordering coffee to see what cup you get because it looks like they went to garage sales or flea markets to keep up with the theme. It is quirky in a nice way and one almost always gets a hello upon entering the Globe. What I really love going there for is their homemade treats, from the seven layer bars to the chocolate luv cake. If you need a quick bite to eat for lunch or dinner, order one of their sandwich, wraps, or soups - yummm. If you like, you can stop by in the evening for a beer or wine and they make a pretty mean sangria, also.

My final comment is that if you are looking for a local place to hang out and relax, this is a good pick. Sometimes when I stop there I see people sitting around playing games from the mountainous pile of games that are there. It is a good idea to keep track of their calendar online because you never know what fun event might be going on there. One night, I had a lot of fun when they had singer Joe Popp playing along with a bunch of his friends who joined in at various times. I have also noticed that JoEllen posts online what new goodies she has baked. I suggest stopping by and making yourself at home.

The Globe Coffee Lounge
532 1st Avenue North
St Petersburg, FL

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