Sunday, April 26, 2009

Table Restaurant - St Petersburg, FL

For awhile, I have been wanting to try the Table Restaurant in St. Pete, but I had not quite ever gotten around to it until last night. First, the Table restaurant is beautiful and if you are in a mood to dress up, this is a nice place to go. You can dine at one of the regular dining tables or grab a bar table by the window and watch the world go by outside. You can grab a table outside, but to get the true ambiance of the restaurant, one needs to dine inside, at least in my opinion. On this occasion, we sat at one of the bar tables by the window, and listened to the guitarist who was playing relaxing Spanish tunes on his guitar. Our server brought us our menus and the wine list. One of the things I was disappointed about was the wine list. There were hardly any French or Italian Reds on the wine list. California wines dominated the list, along with a few other wines from the west coast and South America. Because we did not find any wines we liked, we decided to have beer. They did have a nice number of imports on their beer list. For an appetizer, we had the Shitake Chicken Lollipops with sweet potato crisps and a lovely Inca Cola Chipotle glaze. Everybody agreed that they were very tasty. Along with this, the server brought us warm bread filled with gooey fontina cheese that were great, but then with melted cheese you can never go wrong.

Next, on to dinner. The three different entrees we had at our table were the Panca Marinated Free Range Chicken Breast, the Flank Steak, and the Crab Encrusted Salmon. Now, this is where I was rather disappointed. I felt there was a lack of seasoning in the food and altogether it was not to my taste. This was pretty much what everyone felt at our table. The chicken was rather overdone, and the steak was just not what steak should be. I felt that the experience was rather a bit of a let down, but maybe it just happened to be an off night. I always like to give places a second chance, so sometime I might go back and try it again at a later date. Maybe.

Table Restaurant
539 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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