Monday, April 26, 2010

Anghiti Indian Cuisine - Tampa, FL

My husband had to head north of Tampa for a photo shoot, so my son and I decided to come along because I wanted to try an Indian Restaurant that was in the vicinity. After dropping off my husband, my son and I headed over to Anghiti which was located on Fowler Avenue. Located in a strip mall, the inside was simply decorated with a Indian theme running throughout. We were quickly given a table. At that point, all we needed to decide is if we wanted to order from the menu, or try the lunch buffet. A quick look at the buffet that everyone in the restaurant was eating from made the decision for us, we would eat from the buffet.

The buffet had a nice selection of choices, more than I would have been able to try if I had ordered off of the main menu. There were chutneys, appetizers, meat entrees, vegetarian entrees, rice, and naan. For an appetizer, I chose the potato samosa along with some chutney. A samosa is a flaky pastry that is filled and then deep-fried, and it was very tasty along with the chutney. For meat I tried the curry chicken, tandoori chicken, and the lamb biryani (a rice pilaf). For the vegetarian entrees, I tried the dahl(lentils) and the aloo palak(spinach with potatoes). For dessert, I tried the Gulab Jamun and the ras malai, both were excellent. The buffet even included hot chai. Everything was beautifully spiced and to date, this is the best Indian restaurant I have tried in the area. We cook this food in our home, so I know when I have found something really good. Sometimes, I go to some Indian restaurants, and the food is somewhat bland and the spices have been tamed down to much. However, at this restaurant all of the dishes had a nice blend of spices with just the right touch of heat, and yet not too overwhelming.

After finishing the meal, I ordered some palak paneer(spinach and cheese) to go for my husband. He too was impressed with the quality of the food, and he can't wait to go back and sample more dishes. The only disappointment was that the owners of the restaurant wouldn't let me take any pictures of the restaurant's interior. They have a nice restaurant, so it is a pity that I do not have pictures for their restaurant, as is the case with other restaurants I have visited. Although I don't have any pictures of the restaurant, I do have a picture of the food I ate that day, but that does not begin to describe the taste of the food. Overall, it was great food and polite service.

Anghiti Indian Cuisine

2047 East Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL 33612

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