Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chappy's - downtown St Petersburg, FL

For lunch one weekday, my son and I decided to head over to Chappy's for lunch. My husband declined to join us for this one because we could not really find anything for vegetarians on the menu, as far as entrees went. And we don't really count salads as a meal option. So, my son and I walked in and seated ourselves as the sign up front indicated. I liked the looks of the place. It was a long room with mostly bar tables along the sides and a couple of regular tables by the windows up front. We both liked the cool art on the walls.

Our waiter was very prompt in bringing us drinks and taking our orders, but I am afraid to say that was the only thing that was prompt that day. For lunch, we ordered a burger and the Shrimp Po Boy. My son's burger was good, but nothing special. I loved the battered shrimp that was in my Po Boy and I was happy with my selection. Both the burger and po boy came with big cut fries that were lightly dusted with seasoning, and which we both liked.

So, we enjoyed our food, but it did not arrive promptly. After ordering a burger and a Shrimp Po Boy sandwich, we waited about an hour for our food. While waiting, I saw a table of two get up and leave because they couldn't wait for their food any longer. Another table behind me complained to their server that they had already waited too long and that if the food didn't arrive in 5 minutes, they were leaving. Their food did not arrive in five minutes, and they all got up and left. I did hear the server tell another party that was waiting for their food that they had gotten behind due to a large party they had been there earlier. I understand these things can happen. However, before taking orders, they could have advised customers that they were behind by a certain amount of time and asked if customers would still like to order, or if they would like to dine there another day. This was a weekday lunch time, and a lot of people there were taking a lunch during their workday and needed to eat in a hurry. Give people a choice, so as not to lose customers in the long run. Again, good food, but need to communicate with the customers.

247 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33701

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Anonymous said...

Beware! Chappy's won't honor gift certificates

If you have a gift certificate from, they won't honor it.

Unfortunately, we did not see the tiny sign stating they no longer accept these certificates. They have attached this sign to the hostess stand (You need a flashlight to read it) but since this was the first time we were there, we did not see it. We ate our mediocre meal and when it came time to pay, the manager told us they no longer accept these certificates because they werent making any money and they dropped out of the program in April 2010. Sorry, but that is not the customers fault. We purchased the certificate in January 2010 when Chappy's was still in the program. Chappy's should honor every certificate that comes into it's restaurant. This is how you build customers. Instead, Chappy's has made its manager chase away new customers and any potential customers that we will share our terrible experience with. Was this worth the 25.00 you saved?

We won't be back.