Friday, April 30, 2010

Chattaway - St Petersburg, FL

One day for lunch, my son and I headed over to the famous Chattaway, which is rather a institution in St Petersburg because it has been around so long. The most famous item on its menu that I was longing to try was the Chattaburger, as it has received numerous awards in the Tampa Bay area. So with much anticipation, we were ready to eat. Arriving at the Chattaway, I parked out back. From the parking lot, I could see glimpses of table umbrellas through the thick Florida greenery. Across a little wooden bridge that was next to a Koi pond that had a cute rubber ducky display, and we were inside a lost garden. Okay, maybe not a lost garden, but it makes it seem more exciting. However it was very pretty as all of the outdoor seating was surrounded by this lush greenery, and the soft perfume of flowering shrubs were in the air.

All of the seating is outside on this patio area and there are a few seats at the bar, at regular tables, and at picnic tables with benches. There is also a lot of umbrellas that will be welcome as the weather turns hotter. However, on the day that my son and I were there, this was not a worry. We grabbed a bar table and a friendly server soon took our order. We knew what we wanted, so it was quick and painless. I ordered the Chattaburger with just ketchup and pickles. For my son, it was the Chattaburger with American cheese. After a short wait, our meals arrived in baskets with burgers and french fries. I love baskets. This was a very delicious, juicy burger. As I have mentioned in a couple of other posts, I am looking for the "perfect burger," and this is definitely at the top of the list. Number one, yet? I don't know because I haven't tried everywhere yet. This was a nice size burger, but we decided to try dessert. When you are there, they just have you look in the case to see what they have. I chose the peach and berry pie with ice cream. Again very yummy, and the pie crust was especially good. I can't tell you how many times I have had pie with a good filling but a bad crust. This one was excellent.

After we were done eating, all that was left was to pay the bill. Just a little bit of information you need to know when dining at the Chattaway is that they only accept cash, so come prepared. This is definitely a winner in St Pete and a very quaint and relaxing spot to go and escape from it all.

358 22nd Avenue South
St Petersburg, FL 33705

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Arlyne said...

I have been in St. Pete since 1974. The Chattaway has been here alot longer. It's the ONLY place to get a hamburger, 5oz or 7oz. The are other items on the menu, but the Chattaburger is THE item to get. The family owned business is by far the friendliest bunch of folks you'll ever meet. If you're not into eating outside, there is a dining room that has all English decor (Jill, the owner is from England)& has air conditioning. It's my most favorite place to go.