Thursday, April 22, 2010

Craftsman House - St Petersburg, FL

If you don't keep your eyes wide open, you just might drive past the Craftsman House craft and art gallery that is located in the Grand Central District. I know the first time we went looking for it, we drove past it. The Craftsman House is located in a 1918 renovated bungalow (This information can be found on the Craftsman House website). Local artists and craftsman display and and sell their work there, which is quite beautiful. Tucked in the back of the bungalow is a cute little cafe where you can order coffee, wine, beer, wraps, sandwiches, salads, soup, and bakery items. If you order a coffee or hot drink, they serve it in handmade pottery, which is a lovely touch.

On the day we were there, we went to the counter and placed our order. We ordered three Boylan's Root beers that just hit the spot that day. An added plus is that they were made with real sugar versus corn syrup, yay! For eating, we chose the hummus wrap, the pesto chicken wrap, and the roast beef and focaccia sandwich. With our orders, we also got to choose from chips or salad, but we all went for the chips that day. After ordering our food, we chose a table on the front porch. In addition to the tables and chairs scattered around, there is a quaint little porch swing. After a short wait, our food arrived. The wraps and sandwiches come in generous portion sizes, and I really could have shared a sandwich with my son because it was too much to finish. However, we were all in agreement that the food was very good and this is definitely a place to make repeat visits. Also, this is a good place to keep track of upcoming events on their website because they have music playing sometimes in the evening, plus other events. A winner for us!

Craftsman House
2955 Central Avenue
St Petersburg, FL 33713

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