Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dairy Inn - St Petersburg, FL

Dairy Inn is another one of my local favorites for soft serve ice cream and burgers. It is rather funny that it is a favorite of mine now because I drove by it for like five years without ever stopping in to try it. I just thought it was an attempt to be a knock-off of that other national chain. How wrong I was! They are steps above those other guys. Per Dairy Inn's website, they are the oldest ice cream parlor in St Petersburg and have been around since 1947.

My family and I like to stop in for the soft serve cones. I usually like the vanilla soft serve cone, or sometimes I like to have it dipped in chocolate. My son typically gets the soft serve twist. They also have a rotation of different soft serve ice creams and on my last trip there I enjoyed the Dulce de Leche soft serve. I just might need to make it back again before that goes off the rotation. I am not really sure how often they change those flavors, so I better make it quick.

Dairy Inn's burger is a big contender in my search for the elusive, but "perfect burger." These are nice sized burgers that come wrapped in paper and they are one of my favorites. They are juicy, messy, and probably not part of a health conscious diet. However, when you take a bite, all of that seems to float out of your mind. Again, this burger is a serious contender for best burger. In fact, it has won numerous awards in the bay area for best burger.

So, moral of the story, don't judge a book by its cover. Nor, a ice cream parlor by its looks. Line up at the window, place your order, and enjoy! Don't forget they serve breakfast, too. Seating is outside tables only.

Dairy Inn

1201 Martin Luther King Junior St N
St Petersburg, FL

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